What We Do

Efficiencies And Cost Savings Across The Distribution Network

As the single provider of all distribution services, JIFPL can integrate management and share data across all operations- primary and secondary logistics, warehousing & storage, inventory management, order fulfillment and customer service. This creates a streamlined distribution network with greater transparency, increased efficiency and reduced costs for all network partners.

Primary Logistics

On behalf of its restaurant clients, JIFPL collects products from their suppliers across the country and delivers them to its Distribution Centers. Scheduled pickups allow suppliers to plan their operations, which reduces manufacturing costs. Also, a single consolidated shipment to a single destination instead of multiple less-than-truckload shipments to multiple destinations provides huge savings.

Distribution Centers

JIFPL manages state-of-the-art, quality approved, multi- temperature Distribution Centers (DC)in every region of the country. Each DC serves as the hub of distribution operations for its region. It is here that products from domestic and international suppliers are delivered, stored in optimum temperature zones and distributed to restaurants/retail outlets according to the orders they place over our online ordering system.

Secondary Logistics

JIFPL’s expertise lies in providing a reliable, cost- effective supply of all the products needed by our clients, as their requirements change frequently in response to frequently changing market demands. With the advantage of JIFPL’s fully stocked DCs, they get to order products in schedules and quantities that suit their requirements. The extensive range of products in our DCs means they receive products from different suppliers in a single consolidated shipment from a single source.

IT Support

Managing the inventory, logistics and customer service for a complex distribution network requires robust technological solutions that bring efficiency, accuracy and visibility to all operations.

  • Inventory management Systems - Technology doesn’t just help us keep track of inventory in our DCs, it helps us predict inventory requirements for any given period. This ensures optimum inventory levels and cost effective operations in each DC.
  • Order fulfillment and customer service - Our online account management system provides an easy interface for our clients to place orders and resolve queries.
  • Logistics support - Route optimization systems help our logistics experts plan the most efficient, cost effective routes for our fleet. Data loggers and GPS technology help us keep track of our trucks and provide our customers with real time data about their shipments.

Our suite of Distribution and Logistics Services includes
Logistics Management - Primary and Secondary distribution
Government regulations and Statutory Compliances
Imports and Customs Clearance services
Warehouse Management
Inventory Ownership
Data Analytics
Demand Forecasting and Inventory Planning
Financial Management
Quality Assurance
Order Processing
Customer Relationship Management
Vendor Management

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